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        Ningbo Tongzhou International Trading Co.,Ltd.

        Company Introduction

        Ningbo Tongzhou International Trading Co.,LTD is located in Ningbo, a famous harbor open city of China. The geographical environment is superior, and transportation is convenient. Our company is dedicated to the development, production and export of products. Meanwhile, we also deal with the import and export of goo...


        Promotional key chain led opener TZK-3030
        Mini Three-legged Massager TZM-5001
        glass jar led candle light TZC-003
        Zoom camping led lantern/led camping lantern/camping lantern TZC-1110
        Mini led headlight TZH-1092
        Waterproof cree bicycle led flash light TZB-1056
        Magnet work light with torch TZW-2006
        Flexible Magnetic LED book light TZB-5038
        Multicolor Super Mini LED Keychain Flashlight with 6 LED Lights TZK-1188
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